2x Alternative Characters Req.

Side by Side are a small collective of highly-skilled creatives. Our curiousity has taken us around the globe, undertaking a huge variety of projects, in a relatively short space of time. We're now looking to grow our team and bring in two new roles with a whole host of exciting skills.

Role One:

The problems we face day-to-day are as varied as the methods and platforms we use to solve them.
One week the outcome may require us to don overalls & wield a chainsaw, the following week may be a strategic workshop on how to increase employee productivity by 3%.

Every day’s a school day. The role will suit an ambitious mid-to-senior level creative, with skills in both craft and digital design. You’ll be dipping your toes into the disciplines mentioned below, and have a portfolio that reflects this variety of work.

Required Skills:
Graphic Design, Branding, Typography, Craft/Tactile Design.

Desirable Skills:
Illustration, Font Design, Murals, Interior Design, Digital Design.

Role Two:

We want to harness the power of good stories. We want to spread our expertise, enrich our community, and inspire our clients to do the same in their industries. Our experience in branding has shown that consumers in 2020 desire deeper connections. 

This role will be part-creating engaging content for Side by Side & part-creating content with our clients. In both instances we want to tell stories with creativity and an honest human narrative. We need someone with an eye for an interesting angle, and an ear for an engaging tale. 

Required Skills: 
Videography, Storyboarding, Production, Lighting & Editing.

Desirable Skills:
Stop-Motion, Animation, Drone, Photography.

For a small team, we're extremely ambitious. Every day at Side by Side is different. Your portfolio will show 3+ years industry experience, in the required skills above. You should have experience in, or at least a strong interest in learning, the desirable skills.

We believe great teams are created by hiring like-minded people. A tribe who share the same purpose, who reflect the same behaviours and appreciate the same culture. If these pages resonate with you, we'd like to get to know you. 


What you'll be working on

A couple of years ago we had an epiphany:
We can say no to projects that don't give us that tingly feeling. The heady mixture of excitement and fear. This is important to understand. If you're looking for a comfortable job where you'll spend your days type-setting catalogues and sneaking off to the toilet to play Golf Clash, you won't thrive here.

Upcoming projects you’ll be involved in: 

  • A Grade 2 listed renovation, transforming a 120 year old church into an experiential destination
  • A self-published book & ongoing growth of our advice area
  • Development of a new educational platform for the creative industry
  • An international advertising project, working with different cultures and a purpose-led organisation

In time you’ll be jumping from InDesign, to After Effects, to a circular saw, like a frolicking gazelle. Digital tools, physical tools, cognitive tools. We use them all.
We’re looking to cultivate two new Masters of Fuck All. Talented individuals, with growth mindsets and bags of potential. Our vision is to create a small team bursting with creative skills. 


How to apply

To apply, we simply want to know Who are you?

Answer it as creatively, or conceptually as you feel appropriate. 
Have some fun with it.

Digital submissions: (Subject: Designer/Videographer) jobs@sidebyside.co.uk
Physical submissions: Side by Side, OXO House, 4 Joiner St, Sheffield S3 8GW

  • £25-£35k pa starting salary, dependant on experience/skills
  • 40hrs, Flexible working available 
  • Applications in by 06/09/2020
  • Interviews ASAP
  • Start date ASAP