The Side by Side story starts back
in the early 2000's.

We met back when accessing the internet meant your mum couldn't use the landline. When composing Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me' beep-by-beep on your 3310 was the height of sophistication. Despite a fierce football rivalry, a ripped copy of the Slim Shady LP cemented a school friendship that has gone on to last 23 years.


Even with copious amounts of wet-look hair gel (thanks 90’s Beckham) neither our modelling or footballing careers quite took off.

The next obvious step was Graphic Design. 

We left school, studied together, then went off into what turned out to be really average jobs for about 6 years. We hit a ceiling in these roles. The frustrations of working for ‘sales people’ meant that our creative souls had to be reigned-in, in the pursuit of maximising profits.

Settling for this life really wasn’t for us.

We’d remained friends after Uni, and often talked about setting up our own Design Studio. In the Summer of 2012 we started planning and by April ’13 we had set sail.



As our studio developed, so did our skill set. We quickly made a name for ourselves in Branding and Bespoke Typography, but we weren’t happy stopping there. Our curiosity pushed us into unexplored fields, such as immersive interiors, complex digital solutions and strategic research trips across the globe.

Our commercial dexterity has always been balanced with our studio mantra: Just do good shit. We know that great design has the power to change lives.
So over the last seven years we've donated 20% of our time, (around 1000 days) to building a local children's charity.

Recently they've become a National Portfolio Organisation for the Arts Council, and awarded 2019's Tourist Destination of the Year. This makes us very proud.


To find a team who are as comfortable at rebranding a global organisation, as they are creating a magical apothecary inside an old church, is a very rare thing indeed.

We believe that being ‘Masters of Fuck All’ is a title to be harnessed and cultivated. We love projects that cross-disciplines, they push us to constantly hone our skills.

Our clients love that our relentless passion allows us to execute things that have never been done before. 

Dave Greasley & Oliver Booth.
Friends, Fathers, Creative Mother-Fuckers.